The few things we always have to do to improve our life

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  1. Always remember , you are living a life which few people dream of living. Never regret your life.
  2. Observe and learn.
  3. Never repeat the mistakes you have already learnt from.
  4. Never repeat the mistake you have already been sorry for.
  5. Heard that someone spoke wrong about you, confront that person‌, talk and if possible clarify . never believe the third person.
  6. Give your life multiple chances. Never give up.
  7. There is always a better person coming up. If someone left, it is always for your good. Never run behind that person.
  8. You own your life. Trust yourself only.
  9. Do everything to satisfy yourself, unless you are messing up with somebody else’s life.
  10. You are already the happiest person on earth? Go ahead ,spread the smile .give Someone a reason to smile. Fill a hungry man’s stomach.
  11. Always remember to shop at

Teach another person a way of your life and he will carry forward the same.

Stay smiling and be positive :);)


The most clever scam. 

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Back in the late 90’s, there was a guy sitting alone in the bar of a five star hotel in Phuket. He was on vacation from his job in Bangkok, having a beer, waiting for his girlfriend to meet him after she’d finished her shopping.

Also in the bar was a group of loud, arrogant and obnoxious western tourists getting drunk and bragging about who had the bigger sized wallet, salary and dick etc.

The guy on his own just wanted to have a quiet beer and relax, but couldn’t even concentrate on the newspaper because of the noise these other guys were making.

Another guest in the bar was a very well dressed business woman having a glass of wine, also on her own.

The group of guys started talking about, and betting each other at US$250 each who would be able to ‘charm her’ (!) and have his wicked way with her.

They’d actually put the money into a ‘pot’ when another guy walked into the bar, walked up to the lady who stood and kissed him, then they both paid her bill and left. He was obviously her husband.

The guy alone at the bar SMS’d his girlfriend and told her to do two things:

  • Ignore him when she arrived, find a table and sit alone
  • Play along

Sure enough, she arrived, went and sat down, ordered her drink like normal.

The guy at the bar caught the attention of the group of guys, and suggested, ‘You should try your challenge with that beauty who just sat over there, she’s alone’!

Sure enough, the guys took the bait and the challenge was back on.

The guy at the bar approached the group, and asked in a fake shy and stuttering voice, ‘Can I join the bet’?

The group laughed, but agreed, and the guy put his US$250 into the pot making a total of US$1,750 up for grabs. The single guy made one rule: he said that as he wasn’t part of their group, the money should be left with the bartender for safekeeping. They agreed.

So, the bet was on. The guy who would impress this woman and walk out of the hotel with her taking her for dinner would be the one to collect all the money.

All seven stood, and walked over to the woman, asked if they could join her. Playing along, she agreed.

They were all spewing their bullshit about their jobs, how much they earned, how much their shoes cost etc. All, that is, except for the guy from the bar. He remained silent for around 10 minutes.

Finally, one of the idiots in the group started mocking the guy about his being so quiet and having zero personality.

Finally, the guy, again in a stuttering shy voice looked at the woman and asked, ‘May I know your name’?

They group rolled around laughing.


BWAHAHAHAHA, they roared.

They guy then asked the lady a second question.

What is your favourite song?

Again, more laughter.

But, this time, the woman replied.

Oh, I love We’ve Got Tonight by Kenny Rogers.

The guy excused himself to the group, stood up, walked over to the piano, and sat down.

He played the song while smiling and keeping constant eye contact with the woman.

When he finished the song, he walked over to the woman, and asked if he could pay for her drink, and if she would be so kind to accompany him for dinner. She gave a teary smile, agreed, and stood up.  

Save some 💰 money while 🛍 d

The other guys were silent, jaws on the floor, while the single guy looked back and gave them a wink.

The guy from the bar said to the woman he had to pay for the drinks and she should wait for him by the elevators. Pay for the drinks he did, as well as collecting the group’s US$1,500 plus his original US$250.

The couple left the hotel, got in their car and the guy explained to her everything. They laughed and laughed and laughed, and had a great dinner at a beautiful restaurant – paid for by those guys – before going home together.

I hope you enjoyed reading, it actually happened, and is totally true.

I actually got this from quora 

How would you explain the feeling of menstruation to a boy? 

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So a boy with no uterus, wants to know how does it feel to have one and leaking vagina?

Just imagine. You are sleeping. You are about to make out with your crush in your dream and then suddenly you feel something. You feel something wet and sticky. And it takes hardly ten seconds to realize that it’s not because of the dream, but the uterus you have. You turn the lights on and find yourself in the pool of blood. That wet sticky blood. You rush to the washroom and before you could even clean this mess, you happen to notice something. That’s pain. Well, the word “pain” isn’t actually sufficient to describe that. It’s a feeling. Inexplicable feeling. So your tummy hurts. And your back is so loyal to your tummy that even it starts hurting. And your thighs. And legs. And fucking every part of your body.

So you somehow manage to clean that mess and while placing the napkin at the appropriate place, all you think is, “What am I gonna do? How am I gonna spend the day? And that horrible night?”. You come back to the bed and try to sleep again. But you end up spending the whole night just to find that comfortable position. Because all you are feeling is that a not so cute vampire is trying to tear your uterus. A war is going on. And you can feel that shit. You take an analgesic and somehow manage to sleep at five.

You wake up and the world is normal around you. People are laughing and working. How can they be happy when I am in so much pain? So you start shouting at whoever comes in front of you for no reason. Do you feel better by that? No. Would you do that again? Yes. Every. Fucking. Time. Why? Hormones!

Wait!  🛍 @

You start getting ready for work. You want to wear particularly white today. Why? Mood. You can’t. Why? Staining. And those whispers.

You reach office. You have more work to do than usual days. Or it looks like to you that you have more work. Because you don’t belong here. You feel like doing something that makes you feel good usually. You call your girlfriend. She tells you that she is busy in playing PS4 with her friends. You feel worthless and decide to never talk to her.

You cry. No one notices you. You are suffering. No one is able to feel that. You come back home. You skip your meal because you don’t really feel like eating anything except that painkiller. You swallow that. Turn off the lights. And spend the whole night in finding comfortable position to sleep in, again.

Relax! You are lucky. You don’t go through that. Just try to be a little nice to someone who is going through this. That would be of a great help.

Golden advice

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  1. Best solution to get rid off procrastination: Use 2 minutes rule. Do everything immediately that can be done in two minutes. Don’e leave that task for some other time. I learned it on Quora, btw.
  2. Saving: Don’t save what’s left after spending. Save a fixed amount from your income every month before you plan your expenses.
  3. Keep your phone away. Keep it at a distance which is not easily reachable. It helps saving a lot of time.
  4. Never let a single person manage your expenses, receivables and your cash flows. He’ll have all the freedom to steal your money then.
  5. The enemy of your enemy is your friend
  6. A wise enemy is 100 times better than a fool friend. Which also means spend your time with people who’re smarter than you.
  7. Always shop here

Lose Weight Effectively Without Changing your Diet (3 min read)

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In the world of fitness the number one problem people come across when it comes to losing weight is having a proper diet. Dieting is a hard thing to do, that I understand completely. Fortunately, for people lacking the will to stick by a diet plan, there is hope for you. The key lies within “Intermittent Fasting”.

Usually when people hear/read the term “fasting,” they think of starving themselves. But this is not the case. I have heard about intermittent fasting years ago but never tried it until a few weeks before writing this post. My current program that I am following consists of having a 16 hour window where you fast and only drink water.

Currently, I start fasting from 11 pm until 3 pm the next day. This means that my eating window is constricted to 8 hours a day. In the 23 days that i have been intermittent fasting, I already lost 10 lbs. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the weight I lost was water weight, but I definitely notice a difference as far as my body fat percentage is concerned.

Aside from fasting, I have been drinking a gallon of water a day in order to keep my water retention levels as low as possible and to keep my fat loss at its peak. The best part is, I only intermittent fast 4 days a week since I am trying to preserve as much of my muscle and strength as possible.

Just remember, try reaching your macronutrient intake goals even though your eating window is severely limited. I like to eat every 1.5-2 hours during said window while consuming 40-50 grams of protein in each meal with a minimal fat intake as well as a restricted carbohydrate intake.

How Does Intermittent Fasting work?

This aspect of weight-loss is simple. Going 16 hours a day without eating keeps your body in fat-burning mode, while also increasing growth hormone levels in our bodies. Fasting for 16 hours also keeps our insulin levels low, thus keeping our bodies in desperation mode where it is still focused on burning fat in order to provide ourselves with a sufficient amount of energy to function.

My number one rule is to stay hydrated, and if you do so, this plan will be much easier than it sounds. I also like to take BCAA’s and glutamine in the morning in order to help preserve muscle mass. I plan on intermittent fasting for another month or so or until i am satisfied with my weight-loss before beach season is officially here.

I encourage people reading this post to try this fasting plan. I feel healthier overall and leaner than I can ever remember. Comment below on what your thoughts are if you are willing to try this challenge so I can follow along and see how your journey in intermittent fasting unfolds.

Article Credits: Nathan Ferreira

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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Hallirious Home memo!

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*FROM*:           FATHER


*CC*:               MOTHER

*DATE*:           August 16, 2016


*Due to the current economic situation, all domestic rules and regulations*
*Have been revised as below and under no* *circumstance is any violation going*
*to be accepted*.

1. The Kitchen and all pantries are declared *Restricted Zones*. Entry
and/or passage shall require express permission from *myself upon submission of written request*.

2.  Breakfast is banned.  This matter cannot be *discussed*!

3.  Such food items as *rice, chicken, butter, jam, eggs, bread and milk* are
Restricted.  Anyone intending to eat any of such foodstuffs must write to
*me in triplicate*, with three days notice, giving justification backed by a *qualified dietician* report as supportive documentation.

4. Bathing in the morning is limited to *5 litres* of water per
person while bathing in the evening is banned unless there are *medical reasons*.

5. All security lights should be removed with immediate effect.  *All dependants shall abide by an all-night guard-duty roster* I shall make
available shortly.

6.  No dependant shall entertain friends indoors, far less attempt to
offer food, drinks or even music.  *Those who want their guests to listen to music shall sing for them.*

7. No one is allowed to talk to officials from police, Council or Court Bailiffs; doing so shall carry an instantaneous penalty of ejection from the House.

8. Anybody who breaks a glass, furniture or any other property in The
House, shall immediately have to seek *temporary employment*
somewhere to earn money to replace such broken item(s).

9.  All *visitors* intending to spend a *night/week or more* shall apply in triplicate and give *two months notice*, with an endorsement from
their *village Head or Church Priest*, giving convincing reasons why they can’t stay at their *homes*.  Failure to do this shall result in their being turned away, at the gate, upon arrival.



Chairman of Home Affairs



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Facebook user, Blessing Nwachukwu-Frank shared this heartbreaking story of her younger sister, Grace Chikere Nwosu who bled to death after she was defiled by a 22 year old man in their community in Mafoluku-Oshodiin Lagos state sometime in 1994. According to Blessing, she decided to share the story for others to learn from it.

“So many people have wondered who my immediate second sister was. Even friends never met her or saw a pic of her. When she passed away, my mom was so distraught that she burnt all pics and saved only this. Take a good look at this sweet and innocent face. Her name was Grace Chikere Nwosu and she was my sister.
I’m about to tell a story that hasn’t been told since 1994 not to gain sympathy but to advice and change lives. She never got to grow to leave a mark but I hope with this story, she does. I want her to be the face of children’s advocate cos she deserved at least that since her life was cut short at the age of 3 by a 22 year old man named Daniel whom I have never set my eyes on since 1994. This story is the reason I went into talk show- not for personal fame but hope that one I will be famous enough to get people to hear my story but I can’t keep waiting so if this will save lives, then so be it.

If you know from my stories, we grew up in the slum of Mafoluku, Oshodi. Then when I turned six, my sister was three and my mom went to the hospital to give birth to a third child. Despite being poor, we were a very loving family and my parents still made sure we attended private schools but starved and drank Garri like for real not a metaphor. My mom used to say, education will change our condition.

This story isn’t about me today so I will skip the details of my past. Perhaps someday I will have the courage to tell my own story. So my mom had this house help whose name was Chidinma, she also went to school but lived with us to take care of us after school hours. My mom was a kind soul who took her like her own but Chidinma was blinded by greed. So on that fateful period, my mom went to the hospital with my dad and aunt for some days, Chidinma sold my 3 year old sister for 150 naira to my neighbor, Daniel… I was 6 and had no clue why my sister wasn’t home. Little did I know that right in our face-me-I face you compound, Daniel defiled my three year old sister till she bled. They returned her to our home to cover the act but my mom came home that day with my aunt and saw my sister bleeding and unable to move. My kid sister proceeded to give names then fell unconscious… Needless to say, she died after a week. She died on a Friday right in my mom’s arms and in my presence.

My mom dropped the court case and had us move. I never understood why but she said God would enact justice but I wanted court justice. I wanted Daniel to pay for his actions. Pay for robbing the life and innocence of my kid sister. I didn’t get that justice but had to live with that pain for so many years before I learned to forgive.

I put up her pic cos she’s late. The media doesn’t put up pic of r*pe kids cos they are underage and this perpetrators don’t get to realize what they did emotionally. I don’t know where Daniel is but I hope he sees this and remembers and apologizes to my family cos he not only ruined my sister but my trust in men when I was growing up. Made me live a life in fear of men until my dad, counselor and pastors gave me courage. She’s late since 1994 and she would have been 25.

She was lively and smart and even at three, had more guts than me and always defended me. I have never forgotten anything about her. I loved her and I lost her before we could spend our best years together. Dear defilers, these children are just kids. Helpless, selfless and defenseless. We are to defend them not ruin them. What is sexually attractive about a child? They don’t even have developed s*xual organs except for peeing. Parents, be careful of who you entrust your child to. The world is dark. Anything is possible.

In five minutes, a defiler can change the life of their victim and loved ones. Just for five minutes pleasure, you ruin the lives of others. Control your five minutes urge. s*x with a child is without consent cos they are ignorant of life. A child can never seduce you. Please let’s fight for the lives of children. Let’s be Guardians all over the world and weed out perpetrators wherever. Never cover them up in fear of shame.

I put up this pic cos I’m the only legal age survivor of my family. She’s late now for 22 years so I’m within my law. I wish her rest with the lord. Chikere Grace, mommy, daddy and our brother are with you now. You aren’t alone anymore. May all their souls rest in peace and may my sister’s name be remembered in honor of the lives she will save with her story. Love you all my late family, xoxo

Source: Blessing Nwachukwu-Frank