What girls actually do but do not admit.

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  • Grab our breasts while we run/jog down the stairs. Sometimes for fun,sometimes to avoid pain.
  • As much as we like to be clean and smell good,Some of us we don’t really enjoy bathing. Not me I real
  • Cry in front of mirrors to see how we look when we cry.
  • We fart.
  • The more our mothers ask us to sit properly,the wider our legs go.
  • We enjoy that new short hair cut for exactly two days. We would want our long hair back the moment the blowout fades.
  • We aren’t as terrified as insects or blood as they show is movies or write in books.
  • We check out boys ALL THE TIME. We know you are seeing us. And when we deny we don’t know you,we don’t just know your name but who your third cousin is married to.
  • When we say we are hungry,it just means that we are bored.
  • We say “No oil,no potato” in front of you but end up stealing a couple of your fries when you look away.
  • When we look at something new and cute in a store,we first wonder if there is someone who will buy it for us before actually buying it ourselves.
  • As much as we smile and shrug it off,we would have murdered you in the most brutal way possible in our heads when you say “You have put on weight”.
  • When we say we are fine,we are not fine. Or may be we are. We don’t really know. But when you dig deep,you will open gates that sometimes take a very long time to close.
  • We HATE it when we are made to sit in the end of the bench instead of the middle. Everyone knows sitting in the middle gives you access to ALL conversations around us.
  • It doesn’t matter how good we look,we are always jealous of THAT pretty girl.
  • When our boyfriends say that an actor or a model looks hot,we get jealous in the most pettiest way possible and sometimes fight over it too.
  • When we are unusually late,it is probably because of the asymmetrical winged eyeliner we are wearing (which you don’t even notice).
  • Some of us carry a large handbag because it looks trendy. Its almost empty 80% of the time.
  • We run the water down the bucket while peeing so that no one hears us pee.

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