Golden advice

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  1. Best solution to get rid off procrastination: Use 2 minutes rule. Do everything immediately that can be done in two minutes. Don’e leave that task for some other time. I learned it on Quora, btw.
  2. Saving: Don’t save what’s left after spending. Save a fixed amount from your income every month before you plan your expenses.
  3. Keep your phone away. Keep it at a distance which is not easily reachable. It helps saving a lot of time.
  4. Never let a single person manage your expenses, receivables and your cash flows. He’ll have all the freedom to steal your money then.
  5. The enemy of your enemy is your friend
  6. A wise enemy is 100 times better than a fool friend. Which also means spend your time with people who’re smarter than you.
  7. Always shop here

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