Must she get married?

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She was doing well when she was single, she was the bread winner of her family. Every one was happy when she was single. But as a Nigerian woman I guess she was not happy that she wasn’t married probably because of what people (gossips) was saying, because of the side talks, because of what they might be telling her mama in the village, maybe to make her mother happy, maybe because all her mate were all mariade( even if they don’t have ordinary garri to drink in marriage) after all the thought she said no! I must get married no matter what! She opened her heart to accept love even if it was not real as far as it will lead to marriage.

Hmmm! there comes a young desperate man looking for a hard working woman who has already made it inlife, unfortunately it was a desperate well doing woman who want to get married anyhow. Nice pair right? Nah! He came and became the landlord in the desperate woman house, he became the business owner he did not know how it was built. He proposed and rushed off to marry the well doing desperate woman.

Now the mother is happy, she is now married , no more gossips, she’s now married like other age mates. But the question is: was she happy in the marriage? Was she growing in business as usual? Nope!

The summary:

The man came and took her happiness, wealth,good health , above all her LIFE!

He was never sorry for what he did and he never buried her remains in his land , her remain was left with her sick heart broken mother to burry. To add to the sorrow, her remains was charged with a fan of three hundred thousand by the so called husband before it will be allowed to be buried!

She had no pease even in death!

The question is MUST SHE GET MARRIED?


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