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Your Man won’t use condoms,U use pills why? Because he wants it natural? (think of ovarian cancer and infertility )

He gets you pregnant,U have aborted like 5 times. why? Because he is not ready!. GROW UP

He is tired of natural place for copulation He moves to your ass Saying its tighter Then u begin to lick n smell ….why? Because u want to please and not loose him… GROW UP

You have been wearing his engagement ring for close to 4yrs,He is not wearing any …why? Because he has promised u marriage. GROW UP MY SISTER .

*He wants a Blow job Yet he won’t give u head …..why?..Cos he feels u are not so clean “there”.. GROW UP MY SISTER .

You dress half naked thinking u look sexy n Hot, He isn’t complaining But he has more clothes on… Don’t be surprised when he takes a more decent girl home… GROW UP LADY..

A guy dumps u, u wanna pay him back and all u could do is to sleep with his friend? and u think this is pay back? like seriously? ?? MY SISTER GROW UP..

U think getting pregnant for him will make him marry u?… GROW UP GIRL.. U become a single mama with No Job No means for feeding for your Baby and yourself so… U leave junior with Grandma n U go back to the Hustling field ” Then u begin to say……….. MEN Are Wicked!!! Whose fault? Please ladies,be wise!

U know u deserve better than this… Don’t always be at the loosing end!!!

Use ur brain!


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