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At birth we were all born
With genealogical traces
Some with anger
Some with wisdom
Some with patient
But mine is care

I care way too much
And this has become my problem
A golden spirit it would have been
But on a contrary it has become my problem

Goat behaves like goats
Lion behaves like lions
Sheep behaves like sheep
But I wonder why some humans would not behave like the higher animal they were created to be!!!!

Pray I don’t come in contact with you
Or extend my spirit of care to you
Because if I do
I will become your fool

Push me away
Rain insult on me
Here is a bucket of embarrassment
Pour it on me
I still stick to you like a parasite

For this flesh hate to feel down casted
For the body is willing to go of you
Thy hands are ready to draw back it sympathy of care..

But my heart
Oh!my heart will always care
I was born with the genealogy of care
Just as the river bank stick close to the river
So my heart with my victims
And this have become my problem

A problem with chains
A problem that flows in my vein
A problem I was born to carry
Lend a helping hand
Get pay with hatred
Back bitten
Emotional misconception
Of whom thy spirit frowns at

Tete a te
I beseech thee mother earth
Your daughter carries your blessing
With a heavy heart
Take it off,oh!! She plead!!!

By Eloho


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