Naked Run 9: South of Lisbon

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Naked Running

Praia do Meco
Sesimbra, Lisbon, Portugal
October 2015

[Naked Run 8: Second 5k Naked Run at the Naturist Foundation will be published as soon as I receive the photos from the event. Watch this space!]

Everything about naked running, for me, started with – and has been linked to – climate. Warm air. Warm water. In most cases a beach. Heat. Body.

While I certainly intended this run to continue this tradition, it was not to be. What I had hoped would be sun-drenched naked runs along Portugal’s first and largest official naturist beach turned out to be a much more substantial physiological and psychological challenge.

When packing my bags on the eve of my departure, I was dismayed to discover a weather forecast filled with days of rain.

What was I to do? Cancel? Carry-on, hoping the rain would be less absolute than forecast – perhaps light…

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