3 Incredibly Effortless Tips To Start Working Out With Weights (For Women)

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Thought Catalog

When I first joined the gym, the cardio sector was my abode. I never, ever strayed away from my beloved treadmill to the weights area simply because I knew that I would feel: 1) awkward, 2) self-conscious and 3) as though all the guys were scrutinizing me (even though they aren’t!). However, I am proud to say that working out at the weights area is now almost a norm to me. How did I manage to drag myself away from the cardio machines, you ask? Well, here are some of my tips on how you can slowly start to call the weights area your new home.


Referring to a workout plan will prevent you from walking aimlessly around the weights area, figuring out what to do all while being awkward! A workout plan will tell you exactly what exercises to do and…

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