Staying Hydrated

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You won’t see me anywhere without my water bottle. It’s been nearly a year since I have actively increased my water intake, making sure I drink close to a gallon each day! It can get difficult to drink so much, so please know what your limit is. Since I work out and sit in a dry sauna everyday (quite literally, it’s Arizona), I try my hardest to replenish all the fluids that I have lost during the day.

Here are some of my tips to staying hydrated, without even feeling it:water

  • Start your day off with a tall, room-temperature glass of water – Since you’ve been on a fast all night, it’ll rev up your digestive system for the day
  • Keep a water bottle on you everywhere – I have a glass and bamboo bottle that’s easily washable
  • Mix things up by adding flavor to your water –…

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