Saturday Workshop: Arm Balancing and Inverting

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Yoga in the Heights

By Jessica Ashen

When in yoga class, and the teacher suggests to invert or practice an arm balance, that moment has the power to elicit a wide variety of emotions ranging from excitement to fear and anxiety. We practice asana (yoga postures), to break down patterns both mentally and physically while developing strength and flexibility. One of the many goals of a yoga practice is to be “neutral” when it comes to reactions to things (or your preferences.) For example, when the teacher announces it’s time for headstand practice, wouldn’t it be nice to have neither a positive or negative reaction to it? Instead, just practice what you’ve learned without any attachments to the outcome.

Practicing inversions has many benefits, some of which include:
1. Reversing the blood flow in the body and improving circulation
2. Increasing immunity and preventing illness
3. Improving balance and confidence
4. Strengthening and toning the…

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