Enough is Enough! Stop Using Rape Victims As Pawns In Your Abortion Industry Games!

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I realize I am putting myself at major risk for backlash and judgement by sharing this information but enough is enough.
I cannot sit by silently while people including those who claim to be “prolife” are using the victims of sexual assault as pawns to push their abortion agenda.
The “hard cases” make up 1% of all abortions provided in the U.S.
The “hard cases” include those conceived in rape and incest.
How many times have you heard or have you yourself said “I am against abortion except in the cases of rape”?
Even the “prolife” bills we are trying to pass have the rape exception leaving those conceived in violence to take the fall for their parents crimes.
The common prochoice argument is that by forcing a woman to carry a rape conceived child to term you would be delaying her relief of the trauma.
The argument is that…

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