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On Silent Black Men: What Have You Done For Us Lately?

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I grew up knowing —not believing— Grandma Nan could do anything. She could stoically kill a snake in her yard with an ax and resume tending to her collards in the garden — wearing a chiffon floral house dress. She’d tell my grandfather about it later, probably as they chatted over her homemade veggie soup and Mountain Dew. Sure, Grandma needed Grandfather Walter, but only because she wanted to. He built her house and later on, the garage. He drove the trash to the landfills on trash day (we’re country folks) and fixed every leak. Still, Grandma Nan was The Queen. As were the other women in my family.

My Grandma Nan My Grandma Nan

Men existed in their worlds but didn’t make them go ’round and I felt the strength of women all around me. After all, being strong is the one thing the world will tip their hats off to black women for — sometimes…

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“Obama is a Muslim.” Who Cares?

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Letter From a Mother of a Courageous Daughter

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Dear Doctors and Dentists;

I appreciate that you are busy people with a busy schedule and you have devised a way of doing things that works for you and you may even feel is wise and prudent.

Human beings are not blocks of wood.

You can’t just apply one technique across everyone.

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Husband for hire new episode today! (Telemundo)

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Gush! I’m missing husband for hire new episode today on telemundo. Just curious to know what will happen next! Will Patricia ever forgive his boyfriend after losing her baby? Please if you were able to watch today,s episode don’t forget to update me!





Naked Run 9: South of Lisbon

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Naked Running

Praia do Meco
Sesimbra, Lisbon, Portugal
October 2015

[Naked Run 8: Second 5k Naked Run at the Naturist Foundation will be published as soon as I receive the photos from the event. Watch this space!]

Everything about naked running, for me, started with – and has been linked to – climate. Warm air. Warm water. In most cases a beach. Heat. Body.

While I certainly intended this run to continue this tradition, it was not to be. What I had hoped would be sun-drenched naked runs along Portugal’s first and largest official naturist beach turned out to be a much more substantial physiological and psychological challenge.

When packing my bags on the eve of my departure, I was dismayed to discover a weather forecast filled with days of rain.

What was I to do? Cancel? Carry-on, hoping the rain would be less absolute than forecast – perhaps light…

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