Repsol’s Talisman takeover not affecting Sabah

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Wata - Malaysian Oil and Gas Engineer

Really? You mean there aren’t an increase of tapas bars, and  4-hour siestas?

Dateline 2015-08-17, Daily Express:

Talisman Malaysia, operating Sabah’s Kinabalu Field crude oil platform off here is not affected by Repsol’s takeover of Talisman Energy.

“There is no change of (company) name for now,” said Talisman Malaysia vice president Duncan Smart who is also Sabah Assets Manager when asked by Daily Express.

Talisman Malaysia will intensify its development of the Kinabalu Field with the fabrication of a new additional platform to increase the productivity of its output, with further development exploration approved.

“Despite the decline in prices, we can justify our investments (off Sabah),” said Smart.

Spanish oil and gas firm Repsol bought over Talisman Energy for USD8.3 billion earlier this year in the global oil and gas shakeup following a slump in oil and gas prices is said to be a harbinger of things to come…

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