I love you to the point of exhaustion.

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Unrequited Love

I had always known how much could be deciphered by a person’s eyes; but embedded in your deep brown gaze, mystery flourished. There’s this emotional detachment that I can’t make sense of. I’m always getting tangled in your web of personalities, trying to hold onto the glimpses I caught of each side of you…glimpses that would flicker in for a slight moment and then vanish back into the galaxy of your eyes. You hide in corners so familiar to you that it’s become second nature to you, and a foreign cruel paradise to me. You echo the most beautiful vibrations. Your vibrancy has pulled me in tight and I latched onto an invisible connection that I yearn to actually exist. It’s hard to make sense of how it is even possible to feel such a magnetically natural connection to someone who has no clue I am even hooked. I think…

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