Long Overdue

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Global Thoroughfare

Near the end of the trip, I reached a point where I was just tired of it all.  I’m not sure whether or not the trip was the catalyst to an ever expanding world-view, or if I just miss the travelling life, but I feel tired and depressed.

After I got back home, I went back to work at the hotel.  My first mistake.  After seeing a world that had next to nothing and was happy about it, I went back and dealt with moronic and entitled North Americans in their quest for a perfect three-day vacation to Niagara Falls.  I admit now that it wasn’t for the extra 500 dollars or for lack of something to do.  I went back to work to see the people, to whom I’d grown attached to after working with them for so long.  We share a sense of camaraderie that will never die…

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