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Tips on how to have a flat tommy within two weeks!

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I know most of us always get angry when you see an amazing wear u would like to put on and probably did not buy it because of the large size of your tommy. Congratulations! …for those days are about to be history with the following tips!

Step one:

If you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, you have to perform circuit training, three days per week. How can you achieve this? Indulge in full body exercises like lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups, jugging, for one set of 15 repetitions. Don’t forget to follow every exercise with one minute of jumping rope. You should be able to burn around 500 to 600 calories per workout.


Step two:

You have to work on your abdominal muscles three times in the week. Crunches and leg raises for three sets of 20 repetitions should be done. Also, do planks by holding your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30 to 60 seconds for four sets.


Step three:

The kind of food you will eat in this period is vital in bringing about any change. Natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas, chicken, beef, fish and low fat dairy should replace processed foods full of sugar.

Step four:

To minimize water retention, lower your sodium intake. This means you need to avoid salt. You can flavour your food with other herbs and spices instead.

Step five:

Stressing and anxiety can cause the over-production of a certain hormone called cortisol, which encourages weight gain about the belly area. So try to keep your cool!



Sex positions for conceiving a girl

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You’ve been dreaming of having a little girl ever since you were one yourself, but now that the time has finally arrived to start trying for a baby, you’re wondering how the heck you increase your chances of conceiving a female.
While there are no foolproof methods unfortunately, there are a few sex positions (and dietary and timing tips) that could help boost your probability of birthing a baby girl.

Try girl on top
Hoping for a girl? Then you might want to hop on top during sex! Although no single position can guarantee your baby’s gender 100 percent, Dr. Ava Cadell, spokesperson for The Experience Channel and renowned love and sex therapist, says that to have a girl, the woman should be on top so that she can control the depth of penetration. Instead of “going deep”, your partner should ejaculate as close to the opening of your vagina as possible. This will make it much more difficult for the male sperm to reach your egg, since they have a shorter lifespan than female sperm do.

Do it missionary style
Turns out, good old-fashioned sex could be your golden ticket to getting pregnant with a girl. “Some believe that the best position to conceive a girl is the missionary position,” notes Stacy Rybchin, founder of My Secret Luxury. “Sperm with the X-chromosome (female sperm) travel slower and can survive up to five days.” Because penetration isn’t typically as deep in this position, the sperm have a longer way to go, giving the females a clear advantage.

Experiment with spooning
Another common sex position believed to help couples conceive a female is spooning. And what girl doesn’t love to spoon, right!? This position, like the others mentioned above, allows for shallow penetration only, therefore upping the chances of a female sperm actually reaching and fertilizing the egg first.

Time it just right
According to experienced nurse and midwife Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN, couples trying for a girl should have intercourse more frequently, stopping two to three days prior to ovulation. “The female sperm live longer, up to 72 hours,” she explains, “so the theory behind this would be that the sperm left around when the egg is present would be the female sperm.”

Don’t orgasm during sex
We realize this tip sounds sort of awful, but if your heart’s set on having a baby girl, then it’s important to resist the urge to orgasm! After an orgasm, your body produces chemicals that cause the vaginal environment to become more alkaline. Apparently, male sperm thrive in this type of environment, while female sperm prefer the more acidic one pre-orgasm.

Tailor your diet
Dr. Cadell points to a study done by researchers at the University of Exeter in England, which surveyed 740 first-time mothers, as well as a study by Maastricht University in the Netherlands, to prove her point: “Both studies confirmed that to boost the odds of conceiving a girl, women should say yes to calcium and magnesium rich foods, such as yogurt, tofu, milk, oatmeal, almonds, spinach, broccoli, beans, cashews and oranges.”

Conversely, they should steer clear of foods high in salt and potassium, like potatoes, bacon, bread, shrimp and smoked salmon. The reason for this? In short, the diet is thought to enhance the acidity of a woman’s body, and thus her uterine environment, making it easier for those female sperm to thrive and survive, of course.

Hope it helps!
Good luck!


Tips on how to satisfy your woman in bed.

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Its most times a very great shame for a man not to satisfy his man on bed but with the following tips you will complain no more!


Give her breasts more attention

Lots of guys pamper a woman’s breasts during foreplay but forget about them during the main event, which is a shame because the extra stimulation can lead to a bigger orgasm for her. Plus, it’s important to pay attention to more than just her nipples, since her entire breast is packed with nerves, especially the underside. When she’s on top, use your fingertips to draw wide, slow circles, starting around the perimeter of one breast and spiraling in until you’re just about at her nipple. Then use your hand to cup and lift the underside of her breast, and lick around her nipple before covering it entirely with your mouth and sucking gently.

Give her a G-Spot orgasm

This much-talked-about area is located about 2 inches inside her vaginal canal on the front wall. Some docs say it’s spongy and the size of a dime, but it can be hard to feel, so just stimulate that general area during sex and you may give her a more intense orgasm. To hit it with your penis, try modified doggie-style. Instead of having her keep her arms straight with her palms on the bed, ask her to lower herself onto her elbows. Holding her hips for balance, thrust slowly at first and then up the intensity. With each stroke, your penis will rub against the front wall of her vagina, stimulating that special spot.

Surprise her with a quickie

When you jump her out of the blue, it makes her feel like she’s so irresistible that you simply can’t wait to have her. Right when she gets home, pull her in for a deep kiss to get her going. Relieve her of any bags she’s carrying and lead her to the couch, bed, or kitchen table, where you will have already stashed a bottle of lube nearby. Don’t totally undress her; just lift up her skirt or pull down her pants. Then use your lubed fingers to massage her clitoris while whispering how hot she is in her ear. The more aroused you are, the faster she’ll get into it. (Of course, there will be times when she’s not game. If that happens, let it go and try another night.)

Gently pull her hair

There are thousands of nerves in the scalp, and when she’s aroused, they’re more sensitive, so pulling on her tresses feels extra stimulating. But there’s a catch: If you do it while you’re having sex with her from behind, it’ll make her feel like you’re treating her like a hooker. Instead, while she’s on top, run your hand through her hair, grab a handful of strands close to her scalp, and give it a little pull. This works especially well when you’re having intense, passionate sex, because grabbing her anywhere, especially somewhere sensitive, adds to the feeling that she’s being ravished.

Talk dirty to her

Women are verbal creaturesand our love of words extends to the bedroom. Unfortunately, most of what you may have heard guys say in porn is all wrong (Ask “Who’s your daddy” and you just might get a slap across the face). What your partner does want to hear are phrases that let her know how turned on you are, how much you love her body, and how good you want to make her feel. And even more important than what you say is the way you say it—when she can hear the burning lust in your voice, her thighs pretty much catch on fire.

Nibble on her neck

The skin that stretches from underneath her ear to her collarbone is very thin, making it supersensitive to touch. Start out by using your tongue to lick from her ear down to where her neck and shoulders meet. Then blow along the trail you just left. The warmth of your tongue coupled with the coolness of your breath will shoot tingles all over her body. After that, get a little more aggressive, and lightly nip the bottom of her neck (the skin is slightly thicker here and can take more pressure). You should suck on her neck too, but for just a second and not hard enough to leave a markhickeys are so high school.

Bring her to climax with oral

A luxurious oral-sex session allows her to kick back and enjoy being spoiled. (Sound familiar?) But different techniques may feel more or less pleasurable to her on different days. To figure out what’s going to work best for her each time, be sure to use a variety of moves. Try licking softly, sucking, and using a firm, pointed tongue and then a wide, soft one, and take note of which she responds to the most enthusiastically. When you sense that she’s about to orgasm—her body will tense up and she’ll start breathing more quickly—go back to the move that elicited the biggest moans, and continue doing it until she climaxes.

Touch her hot spot midaction

Most women can’t orgasm during intercourse without clitoral stimulation, which is probably why so many want more of it! Whenever your hand can reach her clitoris (girl-on-top and spooning from behind are two great positions for access), you should rub her hot spot. Your touches should be slow and soft in the beginning, progressing to harder and quicker. When it comes to technique, every woman is different, so you have to experiment: Try one finger pressed directly on her clitoris, three fingers over the entire area, or the heel of your hand on her pubic mound—her moans will tell you when you have it right.

Kiss her during sex

If you’re like most guys, once intercourse starts, you probably stop kissing her. That’s a bad move, since kissing makes sex feel more intimate for her, which is crucial to female pleasure. Pick a position that allows you to be face-to-face, like missionary, or have her sit on your lap, then mix up your smooches so they mirror the mood of the sex you’re having. If you’re going at it like gangbusters, pull her in for a deep, tongue-filled kiss—try sucking on her bottom lip and pressing your lips firmly against hers. When things are slow and romantic, go with a more sensual kiss.

Be more aggressive

The number one thing women want is for you to be more aggressive in bed. That means handling her body with strength and confidence, which can be insanely erotic for her. And it doesn’t require a lot of work or advanced skills on your part. In fact, doing just one take-charge thing can spike her arousal level. A few to try: In missionary, take her wrists and hold them above her head, pinned to the mattress. When she’s on top, hold her hips and push/pull them back and forth, so her clitoris grinds against your pubic bone. And when you want to change positions, don’t do it slowly or politely—grab her and put her where you want her.


Sex positions more likely to help you conceive a boy

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Whether you’re absolutely dying for a baby boy your first time around or are just hoping to add a little guy to your brood of girls, experiment with these sex positions, as well as diet and timing tips, to help up your odds of conceiving a male.
Try it from behind
Also known as “Doggie Style,” this position is highly recommended to couples hoping to conceive a boy, says Stacy Rybchin, founder of My Secret Luxury. Why? “Because it allows for deeper penetration, and consequently, during ejaculation, the male sperm get deposited closer to the cervix.” In general, male sperm are faster, but they don’t live as long as females do, so the less distance they have to travel, the better!

Do it standing up
Apparently to conceive a boy, all you gotta do is have sex standing up! This position, like doggie style, enables deep penetration and is also thought to give the faster male sperm an advantage seeing as sperm must swim against gravity to get to the egg. While not backed by science, it’s worth a shot if you’re hoping for a male.

Choose a position that makes you orgasm
Seriously, we’re not joking! In short, an orgasm causes your vagina to become more alkaline. Fortunately for you, this shift in pH balance majorly favors male sperm, meaning they have a greater shot at actually reaching that egg and fertilizing it first. So go ahead, enjoy yourself, if you catch our drift (hint, hint)…

Wait until you ovulate
Timing is, of course, everything when it comes to making a baby. Believe it or not though, the day you do the deed (and the days you don’t too!) can potentially influence the gender of your child. To increase your chances of a boy, experienced nurse and midwife Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN, advises avoiding intercourse in the days (at least four or five) leading up to ovulation. Then do it the day of, she directs. Since male sperm are faster swimmers, the theory here is that’d they’d reach the egg first before the females. “Now, the trick is figuring out exactly when you ovulate!” Don’t worry ladies — there are kits for that.

Consume more calories
And eat cereal for breakfast! “A study conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK suggests that upping your calorie intake by at least 400 calories per day and consuming cereal especially, along with bananas, fish, vegetables and other high energy foods, can help lead to conception of a boy,” reveals Dr. Ava Cadell, spokesperson for The Experience Channel and renowned love and sex therapist. Interesting, huh?

Have him drink coffee
A half hour or so before getting it on, have your man down a strong cup of caffeinated coffee or a large soda! Dr. Shettles, author of How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, believes that this will give sperm an extra boost, particularly the males.
I hope it helps !


Why Men Think Women Belong to Them

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Our Beautiful and Sick Society

“Male sexual entitlement is the belief that men are owed sex on account of their maleness.”How Male Sexual Entitlement Hurts Everyone by Jarune Uwujaren


There are many ways in which our societies keep on telling men that they have sexual entitlement over women. From education to cinema, it seems that the cliché of females owing their bodies to males they doesn’t even get to choose is never-dying.

Culture-wise : let’s talk about cinema. Every action-packed movie has about the same scenario, which we print into children’s mind as the right thing to do : the guy is the hero and he chooses the girl he wants (not important whether she’s interested in him or not) and will get her at the end. Here’s a compilation of James Bond getting Bond Girls (they’re nameless, because, well they are objects after all) :

And cinema is not…

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The Story of a Woman

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Dr Kanak Lata Tiwari

20yearold-girl-raped-by-her-neighbour-act-filmed_081114033134“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights” Gloria Steinem

A mail from Aditi madam for an article on International Women’s day ,triggered my thought processes. Our initiatives and views are asked. Before expressing any thing we were jolted internationally by the controversial documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ on the Nirbhaya gang rape incident. This documentary is made by Leslee Udwin from BBC which interviewed an unrepentant accused of the Nirbhaya gang rape which shook not only India but the world at the same time. And it has not stopped till now. Violence against half the population of the largest democracy is touching new heights, shaming the entire society. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) says rape is the biggest crime in India with 24,206 cases registered…

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Soccer Weekend: Chelsea Meet Arsenal in Battle of The Disappointing

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The Big Lead

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: Managers Arsene Wenger of Arsenal and Jose Mourinho manager of Chelsea clash during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on October 4, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

The first round of Champions League fixtures is in the metaphorical books, with one wonder strike etched in the collective soccer memory. This weekend, we return to the domestic leagues. Beyond a choice few, it’s not the greatest set of fixtures.

More interesting is the world player’s union, FIFPro, filing a lawsuit against FIFA to overhaul the transfer system. The most significant reform: getting rid of transfer fees. The EPL alone spent more than $1.3 billion in the last window. 

Matches To Watch

Chelsea vs. Arsenal: Arsene vs. Jose. The Professor vs. The Special One. [autotag]Chelsea[/autotag] are off to an abysmal start, with four points from five matches. [autotag]Arsenal[/autotag] have been a comparatively moderate disappointment. The Gunners are in 4th place with 10 points. But, after declining to sign a striker, they’ve scored only five goals. Will one of these clubs get off their duffs and challenge Man City for the title?

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