What will be the faith of Nigeria Educational system in the nearest future?

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I am afraid, in our dear country examination malpractice is now a tradition. Students even boast of going to exam halls with there textbooks and succeeding without being caught. Some invented many ways of cheating in the exam hall.




Some will even go to make noise in the exam hall. If you ask them if they wants to fail…they will laugh and tell you “after the exam that is when big guys write there’s”. The truth is…they are right! because you will be amazed when the result is out. Well! You guess right!
Some lecturers are not even helping matters instead they make it worse.
The non sortable lecturers are tagged “wicked” man or woman while they sortable, hungry, greedy, unmotivated ones are tagged “good and simple” man or woman.
You will not be surprise when i tell you that some of our parents are the ones that always hustle and make sure they get for there children the person that will write there exams for them so that they will pass in “flying colors”.
You that is reading this are u sure that you wrote all your exams by yourself and for yourself?
Well is not there fault sha…after all its all about CERTIFICATE in our dear country!
No wonder most of our graduates are not employable!
Would like to employ a liability?
No wonder unemployment has taken over our country.
The question now is WHO IS TO BE BLAME?
The students?
The lecturers?
The government? or
The parents?


4 thoughts on “What will be the faith of Nigeria Educational system in the nearest future?

    Lily Sopi said:
    August 30, 2015 at 1:50 am

    That’s just the truth and nothing but truth. It hurts a great a deal. I will always blame the lecturers for this because if they don’t collect money from students to pass them, they will always wordk/read hard to come out in flying colours and the parents will not have the initiative to give their wards money to pass. What hurts me most is that the so called lecturers don’t even fink of how the students will get the money to give them. Looking forward to a better educational system in Nigeria and world over.


    Lily Sopi said:
    August 30, 2015 at 1:51 am

    Your post always make sense. You rock wella d’r friend.

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