Deadly Silence

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The Haunted Lullaby


Her tears overflowed from her eyes,

Cause her heart had filled with pain,

Each scar told a story,

But the story always remained the same.

Something she had done wrong,

Why she wasn’t good enough,

Her efforts always in vain,

No matter what she did,

Nothing made the beatings go away.

To do something seemed a must,

But what could she do?

Who could she trust?

Where would she start?

What would she say?

No matter what,

Or how hard she tried,

She paid for his misery,

Each and everyday.

He broke her spirit,

Decimated her soul,

She had lost herself,

Due to his lack of control,

Looking into the mirror,

Unrecognizable to herself,

The pretty little girl,

Was now something else.

She needed you most,

To help draw the line,

Knowing the symptoms,

Recognizing the signs,

You turned away,

It wasn’t your problem,

Go help yourself,

I’ve got errands…

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