Savio Vega Talks About WWF Run, Joining Nation Of Domination, Turning Heel, More

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Smirfitts Speech

Savio Vega spoke to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently, talking about his Kwang character, his WWE run, and much more. You can check out highlights below, and the full podcast at this link.

Advice from Bruiser Brody on wrestling outside Puerto Rico:

“When (Bruiser) Brody was in Puerto Rico he told me. You have big time experience so go to the States and go to someone and don’t stay here where no one can help you. So it’s bad luck for him in what happened to him and that held my career to a halt for awhile. But thank you GOD for my career that everything moved better.”

Getting a WWE tryout:

“Who took me up to Vince was Scott Hall. I worked with him in Puerto Rico so many times before he was there doing Razor Ramon. When Yokozuna went to WWF and Bam Bam…

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