WWE Has Been Great.. Previewing Summerslam

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The build to Summerslam has undoubtedly been better then Wrestlemania whilst i don’t believe Summerslam will top Mania 31 in ring, it looks like a good show on paper and I feel invested in many of the story-lines. Look at the main-event!!! UNDERTAKER VS BROCK LESNAR, The company’s two biggest stars in a re-match from Mania 30. While many may think the last match was lackluster you cannot be a wrestling fan if your not excited for this match. They both return to RAW tonight after there very intense brawl, as long as they don’t do anything stupid, i’m very excited to see this bout. Under-circumstances that you can only blame on Seth Rollins knee, I really want to see Cena vs Seth. Expect to see an intensified John and a Chicken $h!t heel in Seth Rollins, These men have always had good-great single matches & at the 2nd biggest PPV…

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