Problematic Arguments in Response to Rape

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University of Minnesota Women's Center Blog

*Warning: This post contains triggering and graphic language, descriptions, and images involving sexual assault.*

You know, there are days when I just can’t handle rape culture anymore. Other days, I’m ready to fight the good fight, to charge at the nearest challenge against the inherent sexism and violence that rape culture perpetuates. But then there are moments when I am so pissed off. Like now, for example.

Last night, I watched a Jon Oliver segment from his HBO show Last Week Tonight on sex education and the lack of it in American culture, about which he is absolutely right. He then talked about the natural link to this lack of sex ed portraying negative outcomes of sex in lieu of positive sexual relationships. This fear-mongering then leads to lack of understanding about what consent is, and he used this video to describe it:


Yes, what you just watched was Yale…

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