The C bomb

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Convoluted Metaphors

No not cancer, yes the other one! The “see you next tuesday”, the so called most offensive word, can anyone tell me why it’s so offensive? You all know what it means right?

cuntNow I’m going to say it…go ahead and turn back now if you can’t handle seeing that four letter word which has an awful reputation for no reason.

Cunt means the entirety of the female sexual organ, it’s not just the outside, it’s not just the inside, it is everything. From the taboo clitoris to those complicated fallopian tubes(if you have them of course). EVERYTHING! Get it? Now tell me why it’s such an offensive word? What is wrong with being called one of the most complex parts of the human body? That area is a bloody tough mudder! It can take a beating in life and still do its job effectively! Babies get pushed out of those things…

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