Religious Brouhaha.

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Since the origin of the bible, I have only known one universal/catholic church. Every detail that went on in the bible that involved temples made reference to only one universal church. Even Islam doctrines are very similar to Christian doctrines. Although I’m a Lutherian, I have spent quite a lot of time getting to know the Modus Operandi of the Catholic church.
Nowadays, everything is arrant bullshit. Somebody wakes up one morning and decides that his theory of worshipping God is best. You see people either in incomplete buildings, or under alumiminium roof tops shouting at the top of their voices. It became a routine that every sunday morning, the sounds of people chanting “Fire, Fire, die by Fire” woke me up. I just have to ask, was God ever in support of praying for the downfall of your enemies? True Christians are mean to pray for hope, not violence…

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