Friday Nights Under the Starry Sky

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Good news, everyone!

After nearly a month or so of near continuous pondering, I have finally managed to solidify that elusive and often intangible beast that paces relentlessly to and fro within our minds; often called our thoughts, or our subconscious.

Having said that, inspiration is at an all-time low, which is subsequently a good and a bad thing, and let me explain why; it is a bad thing for obvious reasons: if I don’t have something resembling an epiphany, I won’t write, and if I don’t write the blog does not get updated. So far so obvious. It is a good thing, because I find that inspiration strikes me when I’m at my moodiest, when I’m in a bout of depression brought about by my overthinking and over analysis of all things in general. Ergo, this would imply that I’ve been in a relatively good mood in the last…

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