Why Homosexuality is Still a Crime in India & Why it’s Outrageous For Indians in General

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That Feminist Life

Before I answer the question in depth, please allow me to clarify that I’m not homophobic & by all means support people with all sorts of sexual orientations.

Homosexuality being an outrageous concept for Indians has many reasons few of which I want to write about in this post. Please read with an open mind, specially if you are against homosexuality.

In India, homosexuality is a criminal offence. This is law wise. 

What about people in general?

Well, few NGOs and minorities of homosexuals apart, the larger population doesn’t approve of homosexuality. One might expect that younger generation might be more inclusive but for most, it’s only a porn fantasy(guys watching girl-on-girl porn) and a subject of laughter, ridicule or leg pulling. For instance, two best friends being really close will be made fun of by those around them, accusing them of lesbianism in joke….(as if it is funny or…

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