What witnessing domestic abuse on the street taught me

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I was biking home from a night of drinks and catching-up when I heard a man and woman arguing.  I looked over at the sidewalk and watch a crying woman cowering and asking why as a man continued to yell, shoved, and then struck her to the ground.  I was horrified at what I had just witnessed and wanted to help but was quickly overpowered by fear so I didn’t stop. I returned my focus back to the road and continued on.  I justified there is no way I am going to fend off or knock sense into this man so what can I do?  You don’t get in the middle of domestic violence right?  It was 2am in a bad neighborhood; what if he decided to pull a gun…this random girl wasn’t worth getting killed over. My heart ached with every pedal forward…my head was spinning…what if…..what if…I kept biking….what…

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