The voice of the voiceless: socially marginalized youth

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Many young people in developing countries are subject to social stigmatization, they are excluded from institutions, for instance: schools, youth clubs, associations… These youth-whom we refer to as “socially marginalized”-are young people with disabilities who are among the poorest of the world’s youth.

The United Nations, Division for Social Policy and Development estimates that there are between 180 and 220 million youth with disabilities worldwide, and nearly 80% of them are in developing countries.

These young people are more subject to poverty, lack of education and job skills comparing to the other young peers. In addition, socially marginalized youth are often seen as a catastrophic obstacle by their communities and families. In many developing countries, there are certain traditional dogmas defining the causes of disability as curses resulted in the children and their parents being shunned. Consequently, families tend to ignore the needs of their children; this ignorance is shown…

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