Feminism: A Journey to Define My Understanding

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a life well discovered

Nine years ago I donned a hot pink T-shirt with the exclamation that ‘This is what a FEMINIST looks like’. I understood feminism to be about giving women power. Power over what, I wasn’t too sure about. I had been told that women’s voices are often silenced. That women’s actions and freedoms were not defined by themselves, but by men (and to some extent, the older women who endured the same levels of sexism and gender discrimination – and who knew no other norm). Perhaps that’s what I came to understand feminism to be – the power to control my actions and define my freedoms.

But even this was a flimsy understanding of feminism. At 21 years old, I felt accomplished and undiscriminated against on the basis of my sex. I got the jobs that I wanted, I got into the universities that I liked, and I landed the…

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