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Illusions & Innuendoes of a Blunt Nigerian

The issue of Domestic Violence is something very ommon in our society. I personally feel a person (man or woman) who hits a another who isn’t physically his/her match is weaker than that person and feels the only way is to show power by brutalizing.
So a friend of mine showed a piece by a young writer I got aquainted to. I hope it helps us be better people.


The voices came from upstairs. It was one of those fights again and Papa always had the upper hand, the only hand. He would put her down; sit on her belly and rain blows on her soft frame. Sometimes, he would pull her hair along with her whole body down the stairs, his eyes red with fury the whole time as though two of the most deadly demons from the realm of the dead were dancing atilogwu within and mama would…

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