Ladies, Let’s talk for a minute…

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Daily Inspiration by Samari


I’m talking to our Beautiful Queens today, its real simple…I want you to know WHO you are and WHO’S you are. You are worthy of nothing less than GODS BEST. When you settle, its like giving up and saying that this is as good as it gets. Not anymore, we are about to change that.

I’m here to say, change your mindset, because it does get better. I’m not referring to his looks and possessions, but his character and inner qualities. His relationship with God. His willingness to give you His heart, that’s  priceless.

To be a queen, you have to carry yourself as such.  Know your worth, and that it’s non negotiable. Others will know your worth, NOT by you bragging about how worthy you are,  but simply how you carry yourself. Don’t let anyone talk you down to a lesser value.  It’s funny when I hear people say…

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