Let EQUALITY be Ubiquitous & LOVE be everywhere!!!!

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Why do males & females fight over who is superior, I don’t understand that. Who gave any right to either of them to decide this? Rather why do they want to compare, isn’t equality is what should be followed completely in terms of respect and opportunities, be it any domain.

Isn’t that God gave everything equally to both – breathing, eating, drinking, happiness, sadness, capability to think, create, and the Life in all.


But then it stands as a fact that two people might be working on same level but no necessarily will hold the same level of skill set!! Then why not accept the fact in this scenario also. Females bear periods and conceive & deliver babies, whereas males can’t! But Males hold the capability to make women conceive. Well! I’m not gonna fight on who’s role is more important. Isn’t it the point where it becomes completely clear…

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