Men As Partners

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Hey everyone, in my last (non-music) post I discussed how I’m working with girls in my village to reduce sexual violence. While it’s vital to engage women and girls with this issue, little will evolve if we leave out the most common perpetrators and power holders in society: men. So last month my sitemate Alison and I did a project targeting les hommes.

Rockstar facilitators Kossi  and Koura. Rockstar facilitators Kossi and Koura.

As Peace Corps Volunteers, we’re theoretically supposed to provoke behavior change in our communities. To do this effectively with gender, I think it’s incredibly important to treat men and boys as potential allies. When you show someone a behavior is harmful you need to also give better options–otherwise only defensiveness and frustration will result.

With this in mind, we held a workshop called “Men as Partners,” inviting police, medical staff, and teachers from the community–all of whom have unique insights and contact…

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