Nigeria: Former House of Reps Aspirant Seeks Greater Role for Women in Governance

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By Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji originally posted on PremiumTimes


A member of the All Progressives Congress in Ogun State, Fatima Okunnuga, has urged female lawmakers in Nigeria to promote bills that will encourage women empowerment and gender equality. Ms. Okunnuga, a former candidate for the House of Representatives, said there should be government policies to provide for young graduates and school leavers.

Ms. Okunnuga said after 50 years of independence, Nigeria should have specific policies and legislation to cater for the welfare of women.

She said it was disturbing that there were only seven female senators and 20 female House of Representatives members out of the 109 and 360-member Upper and the Lower Houses respectively.

“This number, so insignificant on the floors of both Houses, will therefore require a lot of additional support and lobbying from the male members as well as their spouses to formulate policies that will address the plight of…

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