Actors from “Orange is the New Black” Identify as Feminists

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I love the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Anyone who watches it will tell you It has one of the most diverse groups of women in a series on TV right now and ALL of my guy friends even watch this show. This is awesome because it means dudes are somewhat paying attention to the message this show is trying to get across about real-life issues and female empowerment. From all different ages, cultures, shapes and sizes, this show has a very strong cast of actors who are also feminists and powerful LGBTQ activists off camera.

Orange actress Adrienne Moore states, “This show is giving women a platform to have a strong voice, a really opinionated voice, and say some very thought-provoking things.”

Even actor Matt McGorry, who plays prison guard John Bennett in the show, recently spoke out about being a feminist in an interview.

He posted a tweet…

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