Why It’s Important Couples Should Work Together In The Direct Sale Industry!

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Gene Maxon Adigu

2013-04-26 17.13.03I hear a lot these days that some mates don’t support their fellow mate in building their direct sales/MLM business. In fact a husband told me that unless he see’s his wife succeeding before he can support her fully in the business, that’s not the right way to support the family i said to myself.

Some Marriage mates these days don’t believe in their spouse as per business decisions or becoming successful in any field he or she decide to pursue. If you cannot support your mate now that he/she is struggling to become successful in the business, why support her when she is successful. Its like telling a wife, not until she becomes pregnant before the wedding can take place.

Come to think of it, the mate in question trying out a new business he / she believes in, is all for the benefit of the family and why…

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