Gay Marriage, division in C.A.C, Nigeria’s state of affairs; Prophet Abiara talks it all in this interview

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Akinduro Rotimi

Pastor AbiaraIt was part of my routine for that day and I headed straight to the great man of God at his hotel apartment. Of course you wouldn’t deny the knowledge of prophet Abiara. But in case, due to any reason you don’t know, I’ll introduce him.

Prophet S.K Abiara is the Christ Apostolic Chuch (CAC) general evangelist, world-wide. When he speaks, Christendom in Nigeria and world-over listens. Reason for this cannot be far-fetched. With over 52years in the service of God and the feats achieved in miracle work, you’ll expect many tremble before his feats at the hearing of his name.

This interview is really thought-provoking! Or truly, is there no crack in the wall of the CAC? It could have been you, what if so? His advice on the pregnant Boko Haram Captives leaves you with hard choices. He also spoke on gay marriage across the world.

His words…

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