A Brief Existence

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Peculiar Ideas

I have been an Atheist for about four years now. I’ve always found difficulty in believing the existence of such things as gods, demons, angels, spirits, and so on. The religion I abandoned, Christianity, gave no accurate explanations for how we came to be, both humanity and the universe, only mythologies that sounded more like the fairytales my mother read me as I failed to sleep. Even as a child the most of the myths sounded off; especially the one about God ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, only to suddenly burst out an angle proclaiming that it was just a simple test of faith—one that is overtly elaborate, and undoubtedly a permanent trauma for the unfortunate Isaac. Hence, leaving Christianity and to join all the other faiths came quite easily. Save for one obstacle: the horror of approaching oblivion.

In presently popular religions, there always exist some forms…

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