Where is our Soulmate…

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Life of a Wallflower

Watched The Lone Ranger on HBO. I watched this movie before and I’m loving it. I just don’t understand why people give bad reviews about it.

After the movie (i mean the 2nd time on HBO), i went to bed and still think this is a relaxing but fun movie, why people throw bad critic toward it? Don’t you see how two very different people who met, quarrel, separate and meet again to acomplished something big? Where on Earth can you have this chances to met such people and get along with for a lifetime? Nowadays people are just hanging around within their clique, ain’t willing to leave from their comfort zone. ( I’m like reminding myself )

Tonto is from native red indian and John Reid is cowboy. Wars had been happening between them. But no one figured out that a red indian will be-friend with a cowboy, it’s like…

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