What The Fish, Malaysia?

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http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/journalist-denied-entry-into-defence-ministry-hq-for-showing-kneesClick here for the full (or the image image above) for the full article.


“I couldn’t help thinking: if people meant to defend the nation can become so distracted by a pair of kneecaps, then our country is in trouble.” -Tashny Sukumaran
Gotta say I agree with her. Flashback some 20-30 years ago, guys everywhere were wearing short-shorts and girls were doing sleeveless knee-revealing dresses and it wasn’t even a big deal! Why should it be? We’re talking about knee-caps, not cleavage or butt cheeks for crying out loud!
I honestly don’t understand my own countrymen sometimes.


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