Stop Self Destructing And Start Constructing

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New Generation Army

What is Self Destruction ?

My defention of Self Destuction: Is destroying your precious life God has given to you.Not trusting or believing in yourself . Not loving yourself .Always selling your self short. Addictions are self Destucting. Drugs,alcohol,food,laziness and abuse.  Mentaly,physically,sexualy, and verbally.

Why do we hate ourselves?
I think most of us are unaware of our self destructing behavior.
We do not realize the true vaule and potential of our lives. Where does self hate come from? I think it comes from viewing  something that we do not understand about our lives.Things in our lives that have happen to us or others . We hold on to these moments. Without trying to understand or forgive. We turn to things that comforts the hurt instead of curing it.

“Awareness is the beginning of constructing a new life”


If we aren’t aware then we don’t know. Admitting that we…

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