London From Two Perspectives; Part 1; Ally’s London

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London From Two Perspectives; Part 1; Ally’s London

Hello everyone! It is Ally here, reporting from London. Okay just kidding, I am not in London at the moment. Where am I? Let me give you one little hint; I am in Europe and Asia at the same time. Hmm… Where could I be? Comment below if you know where am I! Anyway let’s get to the point. LONDON! The most multi-cultural city I have ever had the chance to live in. In this mini travel guide I will share my favorite(or should I type favourite) restaurants, pubs, parks, shops, libraries, museums, neighborhoods, accommodation, bakeries, transportation methods with you and we even have a special section solely about tea (I mean c’mon, it is England after all). Hope you will enjoy this mini travel guide and visit London as soon as possible! xx Getting to/around in London!

IMG_9929IMG_9500By plane; Getting to…

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