A Week of Cold Showers: Lens and Paris (Part 1)

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A Cadienne in Bristol

Hello, reader! Since I have had very limited wifi over the past few days, I saved the first few days from my trip for one post. And here they are! My friend Kathy and I have travelled first to Lens for the music festival in Arras and spent today in Paris. I wrote a post for each day, so I will separate them below.

Day one:
Bonjour, mon ami!

Maintenant je reste dans ma chambre à Lens. C’est seulement Kathy et moi. La journée allait bien aujourd’hui et nous sommes arrivées à Lens sans problème…did you get that?
Apologies, I’m surrounded by French everywhere and it just switched in my brain! Right now I’m chilling in our room, watching Friends IN FRENCH while Kathy washes up. It was either Friends, Grey’s Anatomy or some other reality tv in French. So Friends it is!
The journey today was very smooth. We…

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