Empowering Women – Where Exactly – To What End?

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Saudi Women

I guess I have become a little cynical – suspicious even – to look a gift horse in the mouth and question the motivations behind the recent stories of Saudi Prince Alaweed’s plans to donate tens of billions of dollars to charitable causes.

Every article I see mentions “empowering women.”

If he aims to empower women in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Islamic world, then he believes empowering women is a good thing for society, enriching and enabling the populations in which this would occur.

If he is not empowering women in Saudi Arabia (and I hear no alarm bells or dissent or protests about it from the Imams and Mullahs – so I have to wonder) but is only aiming to empower women in the West – perhaps his motives are not so friendly?  What if he wants to do this to weaken enemies of…

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