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Friday’s Supreme Court ruling exploded into my life as Twitter and Facebook became covered in rainbows. I have never been more proud of the people in my life as when the United States of America legalised same sex marriage throughout all fifty states. It didn’t matter if the people posting were gay, straight, bisexual or identified as anything else, all I saw were messages of love and congratulations.

Colourful Twitter Icons Colourful Twitter Icons

And why should I have seen anything else? Who has the right to tell anyone whom they should and should not love? I also believe that love has very little to do with gender. You don’t fall in love with someone’s genitals, you fall in love with the person. Therefore it seems ludicrous to have laws for or against two people marrying based on their gender.

37 of the 50 states in America had already legalised gay marriage. The…

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