On This Father’s Day, Don’t Remind My Partner How Hard It Is To Be a Mom

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subversive mommy

We’re not planning any barbecues. He’s not planning any golf outings. He’s not planning a day at the social club. The only thing in the lineup this Father’s Day is to do absolutely nothing. Which means, I’m on call that day, all day because come Monday, we’re both back to work.

There will also be no proverbial red carpet, rolled out and dotted with rose petals. There will be no blinking  billboard extolling the feats of fatherhood with my partner’s face splashed across it. No flashing paparazzi. No hashtags. Okay fine, maybe a few hashtags.

This day isn’t about the accolades or taking a breather from bringing home the bacon.

For us, this day is simply about taking a breather.

My partner, my husband, the father of my two kids is a hands-on, frontlines, in the trenches, “work at home” dad. It is by far the hardest job he has…

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