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Because Life Happens

Now that the work craziness of the last 6 weeks or so has finally wound down a notch here are a few things going on in my head:

  • As a add-on to last night’s post, here’s a thought on weddings. I went to a wedding reception recently that had a /beach,coast theme. Most weddings in general have an overall idea/theme to them, but let’s face it, when it boils down to it don’t all weddings have the same core theme? If you think I am going to say love, all I can say is, oh you poor innocent thing. The theme of all weddings these days if you ask me seem to be clichés. Why don’t people just be honest with themselves and put that on the wedding invite? I still want to be a wedding planner though :p
  • My new boss – not sure if he’s just in…

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