My Daughter is Having A Guardians Of The Galaxy Themed Birthday Party and We Don’t Care What You Think.

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Ramblings Of Sarah

It is hard to believe how quickly our little babies grow up into tiny adults but it’s harder to believe how difficult it is to pick a specific theme for a birthday party. Toggling back and forth between this idea and the next, pinterest-ing games and decor– even rummaging through the dollar stores and party shops for deals that won’t set you back so far. My oldest daughter settled on Guardians Of The Galaxy for her birthday theme and I found that every site and store that sells the party merchandise is marketing the products towards boys. All of them.

I understand the way it works. The chances of little girls being excited about Star Lord are pretty slim and marketing is everything but would it be such a shame if you took down the sign that says: Boy Party Themes. Really? And could your employees spare me the strange…

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