I Am A Feminist – And It’s Not What I Thought It Meant

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hmmm individual differences!

The Happy Disaster

I was at a bar with my mother one afternoon recently, having margaritas and catching up.  At one point, she saw someone she wanted to talk to at the far end of the bar counter, so she got up to go say hello and left me alone with my margarita.  Which was totally fine.

Until this man showed up.

He looked to be in his late fifties. He sauntered up to me, leaned against the bar just a little too close for me to feel entirely comfortable, and said, “Well, it’s obvious there’s no man in your life. What’s your name?”

Um…I’m sorry, what???

I hate, hate, hate this, but my initial reaction was shame – because clearly, there was something wrong with me, right? There must be – otherwise this random stranger wouldn’t assume that I was all alone in the world.

Then…I got pissed.

Like…who says that? Why

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