A cheated woman finds solution to cheating in marriages…read her point of view

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Hmmm…a woman who says she’s the voice of all cheated women says she’s found the solution to infidelity in marriages. Read what she wrote below and share your opinion…
I have seen and read about a lot of cheating husbands on your blog, a friend of mine even told me that she caught her husband cheating,confronted him and he beat her up. I am a woman and I feel very sorry for all those women who have been cheated and worse still, beaten by their cheating husbands. Initially, I said to myself that I won’t get married becos most marriages (especially Nigerian/African marriages) are fulfilment of societal expectations of families and friends. The nigerian society expects every woman to be in a man’s house, whether or not she finds happiness and peace in marriage is not their business.  However ,I have decided that if I must marry and be happy in marriage, both husband and wife must have equal opportunities in d marriage. I have therefore found the solution to men’s infidelity in marriage.
The solution is OPEN MARRIAGES. Women should be allowed to cheat as well as men. Am not encouraging infidelity,I’m just saying since women have been given equal opportunities in areas of politics,business,education etc they should be given an equal playing field in marriage as well.

It is a fact that men’s sexual urges are insatiable and they blame their cheating on their wives,however, women with high libido whose husbands don’t satisfy should also be free to have sex with other men. Afterall the saying goes “what’s good for d goose is also good for the gander” therefore,if its okay for men to cheat on their wives and still beat them,it won’t be so bad if women do the same. In fact, the world would be a better place and married people would be a lot happier.

Why do men tell their wives they won’t cheat at the beginning then few years after marriage,they eventually cheat ???? Well,Open marriage is not a license to cheat,it is only a caveat/warning to your spouse that “I may cheat and if I do cheat,don’t be angry and feel free to cheat too” becos if u look at the issue critically, everyone is cheating with someone expressly or impliedly. Married men who do erotic texting (sexting)and chatting wit other people and exchange pictures, as well as those who sleep around are all cheaters.

And to those women who console themselves saying “all men cheat” thereby confining and subjecting themselves to a lifetime of avoidable marital slavery, FYI,marriage is a contract btw 2 people and if you’re entering into the ‘marriage contract’ with the thought that d other party(men) would breach the terms and conditions of d marriage, then you should give the men as your own term of the marriage that if its okay for him to be with other women,then the wife can be with other men. Its like a lecturer giving his students an “open book exam” to prevent exam malpractice.

To put an end to the emotional drain,psychological torture and heartbreak drama most women are going thru, I say OPEN MARRIAGE is the solution. Infact, Nigerian law makers should pass a law on open marriages.

Yours Faithfully,


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