#BCM310 The Gender Representation in Wikipedia Series Part 4

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How is this lack of equal gender representation important? Why is it important?

It’s pretty evident from the posts in this gender representation series so far that equal representation is important.

By not having equal contributors there is a clear imbalance that disadvantages one gender. Schiler et al explain that the purpose of Wikipedia is to be a collaborative platform the word collaborative itself implies that the players are equal and the information is inclusive (2014, p. 81). Wikipedia is the online encyclopaedia, it is the most used and visited and therefore should take the opportunity, with such a wide reaching audience to be balanced and diverse (p. 89). But instead it underrepresents a significant portion of the population.

Representation that is representative of all genders is important for the following reasons:

  1. It has the potential to confirm identities

Prior to the increase of female contributors the Jane Austen Wikipedia…

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